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1. Setting up the background.
2. Optional area for setting up multiple unique backgrounds.
3. Setting up the icons.
4. Other programs
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·My Background
·Geometrical Relationship for LCARS - Created by www.bracercom.com as part of the definitive how-to LCARS guide. Check it out to get more out of your designs.
·LCARS Custom Shapes for PhotoShop.
·LCARS Sounds - Create a folder called "notifications" on your SD Card. Put the sounds you want in there.
Step 1

First, make sure both Desktop Visualizer and MultiPicture Live Wallpaper are installed. Once they are, you can start creating your lcars image. I have the psd for mine available if you would prefer, or you can make your own. Using the custom shapes will make this go much smoother for you. I made mine 1900x1280 but without them moving as you slide, it ends up being slightly larger than needed.

Once you have created your image, upload it to your xoom through USB or dropbox, or however you like.

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Now that you have your image, we need to set it as the background.

1. Hold somewhere on the home screen to get to your options. I have LauncherPro installed, so mine may look different.

2. Select "Wallpapers"

3. Select "Live Wallpapers"

4. Select "MultiPicture Live Wallpaper". Once it comes up, select "Settings".

5. To start, click "Common Settings". This will let you set the default settings for any screen.

6. Click "Picture Source".

7. Select "Single Picture". Here use Gallery to find the image you added. Once you select it, change the "Crop/Resize Ratio" to "Fit to Full Screen".

8. That's it for the background setup. Click your Home icon to see it in action.

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If you want to make more LCARS screens, use the following to set each screen to it's own image.

1. Hold the Home Screen and select "Wallpaper". Click "Configure". Here, click the plus sign for "Add Individual Settings".

2. Select the screen number you want to make unique. You will notice this looks a lot like the Common Settings. It is the same except it defaults to the Common Settings settings. Click "Picture Source" and select your image just like you did before.

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This is where we make things very LCARS-y. The use of icons for your apps will finish this off perfectly. If you have the same apps as me, feel free to use the ones I provided, otherwise the PSDs will allow you to make your own. Make sure to grab the font. Once done, load the images into your xoom.

1. Hold the Home Screen and select "Widget". Scroll down to Desktop VisualizeR's area.

2. Select "Desktop VisualizeR(1x1)".

3. This will create green outlined android box in the top left. Click on it to bring up the DVR interface.

4. Click on "Select Icon".

5. Click on "Image File".

6. Use your Gallery or other program to select the icon you will be using. To detail this, I selected my cap shaped chrome icon.

7. Click on "Select Action".

8. Click on "Launch Application" to open an app when this is clicked, or select "Other" to open a bookmark or other option. For my example I selected "Launch Application" then "Browser".

9. Click clear in the "Label" area to remove the name of the program.

10. Click "Orange" under "Touch Effect".

11. Click "None".

12. Click "OK" to finish and create your new icon on the Home Screen.

13. Repeate this as necessary and move them into place to create your finished product.

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·Agenda Widget - This is the calendar in the bottom left.
·Cubed "3" - This is the media player in the bottom right.
·LauncherPro - This is my Home Screen launcher. It is the reason you see "VPN" and "APPS" on the right.
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LCARS images based on the interface created for STar Trek. Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise are all registered trademarks of CBS Corporation.
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